Culture and conduct within the CAF


The Legion is calling for new oversight in the wake of concerning allegations of sexual misconduct within the CAF

We ask for culture change to help restore member confidence within the CAF when it comes to the reporting of wrongdoing and the subsequent handling of military sexual misconduct complaints.
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Primary advocacy position(s) on this issue:

• We request that the CAF review and upgrade its investigative and disciplinary processes to ensure fairness and restore trust.

• We call on government to establish an independent Office of the Inspector General of the CAF and the Department of National Defence, reporting to Parliament.

• We request that the position of Veterans Ombudsman become permanent and independent. We believe its effectiveness is tied to reporting structure. This position needs to be enshrined in law and to report directly to Parliament, not VAC. The chosen individual needs the freedom to withstand pressures of the system and fight it when needed. Only then can the right solutions be formulated.