Assistance with Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC)

The Royal Canadian Legion's Veterans Services Network works on behalf of Veterans to ensure they receive the benefits they deserve. We offer assistance and information on sometimes-complicated processes. 

The Legion’s Veterans Services Network consists of volunteer Branch Service Officers and Professional Command Service Officers who provide assistance at all stages of the disability claim process, free of charge, whether or not you are a Legion member.  

How we help

Legion Branch Service Officers are the eyes and ears of the Veterans Services Network at the grass roots level, who often first come into contact with Veterans and their families. Branch Service Officers assist Veterans by identifying those with unmet health needs and possible benefits from VAC and then by making appropriate referrals to Command Service Officers.  

The Legion's Professional Command Service Officers assist at the provincial and national level providing, among other things: 

  • Information and advice on available VAC programs and benefits
  • Assistance with the preparation and submission of disability claims 
  • Assistance with the claims process from the first application up to and including a Request for Reconsideration with the Veterans Review and Appeal Board
  • Professional advice and assistance in accessing other programs and benefits

The services provided by Professional Command Legion Service Officers are free of charge, whether or not you are a Legion member. Our representation role is mandated through legislation.

The Legion also assists and represents still serving Canadian Armed Forces members, RCMP members, and their families.

Request assistance

Please contact a Legion Professional Command Service Officer for information on benefits and resources you may be eligible for, or to request assistance with Veterans Affairs Canada disability claim or appeals process.

Professional Command Service Officers are mandated by legislation to provide representation at all levels of the disability claim process under the Pension Act or the Veterans Well-being Act. The privacy and confidentiality of Veterans and their families are of utmost importance to the Legion.  

Client Confidentiality 

To authorize access to confidential client information, the Veteran or their designate will be required to complete and submit a Claim Application Form, with one piece of proof of identity (current and valid), to a Command Service Officer.

Royal Canadian Legion Claim Application Form

    Accepted proof of Identity: Provincial driver's license; Provincial Health Care Card (excluding Alberta and Manitoba); other provincial identification card; other federal identification card; Certificate of Indian Status; birth certificate; marriage certificate; employee identification card (federal, provincial or municipal); Canadian passport

    Photocopied documents must be attached to applications sent by mail. Photocopied documents do not need to be certified. Ensure appropriate service number is on photocopied documents.

A Service Officer can assist you

Command Service Officers are trained, knowledgeable and focused on helping you. 

If you, a friend or family member needs assistance with VAC:

Phone: 613-591-3335
Toll-free: 1-877-534-4666

Assistance through the Office of the Veterans Ombudsman

    The Office of the Veterans Ombudsman works to ensure that Veterans and their families are treated fairly and have access to the programs and services that contribute to their wellbeing. 

    If you are a serving CAF member, RCMP member, Veteran, family member or representative and you feel you have been treated unfairly by Veterans Affairs Canada, or you would like information about programs and services that may help, the Office of the Veterans Ombudsman is here to help. Learn more