Frequently Asked Questions


Below you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions that we receive. 

The Royal Canadian Legion

When was the Legion founded?
What does the Legion do?
How does the Legion define a Veteran?
How many branches does the Legion have and where are they located?
Where is your national office?
How can I find you on social media?
How is the Legion funded?
Do you have a newsletter?
How can I join the Legion?
I see Legion Branches across Canada. What does the Legion do regionally?
I have a question/suggestion for the Legion in my community, whom do I contact?
Does the Legion get involved in international affairs, through fundraising or by other means?

Dominion Convention

What is the Dominion Convention?
Where is the Dominion Convention held?
How can I attend a Dominion Convention?

Veteran Services

I am a Veteran and need help with my benefits claim, whom do I contact?
I am a Veteran and I’m wondering what kind of services the Legion can provide to me?
When will my claim be processed?
I am a Veteran who needs some emergency help, who should I contact?
I heard about the 1-year free membership for Veterans, how do I apply?
Who is considered a Veteran?
How can I get a Veteran licence plate?
How do I get my service records?
What do I do if my claim was denied by VAC?
Can I get a loan from the Legion?
Will the Legion help with Funeral and Burial Costs?
Are all injuries and conditions covered by Veterans Affairs Canada?
Does The Royal Canadian Legion have a health care plan for Veterans?
Are there VAC doctors who can complete my medical questionnaire for disability entitlement or does the Legion keep a list of approved doctors?


Who can become a member of the Legion?
How many members does the Legion have?
How many Veterans are members?
Does my membership in the Legion provide any offers or discounts?
What is my membership fee used for?


When is the Remembrance Period in Canada?
When does the National Poppy Campaign begin?
What role does the Legion play in Canada’s National Remembrance Day Ceremony?
Is there a list of locations where Remembrance ceremonies are held each year?
What is the “First Poppy”?
What other Remembrance activities does the Legion organize?
I’d like to help my community create a Poppy crosswalk, what’s the best way to do that?
Does the Legion have a symbol for animals who have been lost during military actions?

The Poppy Symbol

What is the history of the Poppy as a symbol of Remembrance?
Can anyone use the Poppy symbol?
Can anyone create their own Poppy and wear it?
Someone is making and selling Poppies for Remembrance in my community – is this allowed?
Where should I pin my Poppy?
Is there a way to keep my Poppy from falling off?
Does the Legion support other coloured Poppies and campaigns such as with white or purple poppies?
Is the Legion’s lapel Poppy recyclable?

The Poppy Trust Fund

What is the Legion’s Poppy Trust Fund?
Where does Poppy Trust Fund money go?
How much money is donated to the Poppy Trust Fund each November?
Can an organization that supports Veterans access Poppy Funds?

The Poppy Store

Where is The Poppy Store located?
How can I contact The Poppy Store?
What does the Poppy Store sell?
Where do funds from the Poppy Store go?
I’ve noticed other sites selling Legion products, are they legitimate?
Where are the products in the store made?
Where do funds raised through the Poppy Store go?

Legion Magazine

How can I subscribe to Legion Magazine?
Is Legion Magazine produced by the Legion?
How do I submit a story to Legion Magazine?

The Legion Nationals

What are The Legion Nationals?
Where are The Legion Nationals held?
When is The Legion Nationals?
How many people participate in the Legion Nationals?
How do I sign up to compete in the Legion Nationals?
How can I volunteer for The Legion Nationals?


How can I donate to the Legion?
How are donations used?

Artwork and Videos

I have an original poem, video, picture or other creative item that I’d like to share. Where do I send it?
How does my child participate in the National Youth Remembrance Contests?

Special Projects and Contests

What is Operation Santa Claus?
What is the Leave the Streets Behind program?
What is Operation VetBuild?
Does the Legion have any Veteran peer support programs?

Media or Public Requests

I’m trying to find a Veteran to interview, do you have any suggestions?
I have created a poem/video/other artwork to honour Veterans. Could you share it with others?
I would like to conduct a media interview with someone at the Legion who do I contact?
I am holding an event and would like some Poppy products to hand out. How can I get some?