Access to benefits 

The process for Veterans and their family members to obtain Veterans Affairs Canada benefits and services as a result of illness or injury obtained from service can be complex and confusing. In many cases, Veterans are not aware of the benefits and supports available to them. Those that apply for support often face complex application requirements and delays in service delivery. The Royal Canadian Legion has been advocating for government to simplify and expedite access to benefits and services, and ensure all Veterans and their families are aware of the services, supports and benefits available to them.

Primary advocacy position(s) on this issue:

  • Government must develop an outreach and communication strategy to ensure all Veterans and families are aware of available supports and services.
  • Government must establish a more rigorous case manager training program, and review case loads and resources required to ensure timely service delivery.
  • Ensure that all Veterans with service-related disabilities, and their families, be entitled to the same benefits and support as part of their rehabilitation program, whether they are former members of the Reserve Force or of the Regular Force.
  • VAC and DND need to coordinate the provision of a Veteran’s Identification card for all CAF Veterans and a Veteran’s Family Identification card to streamline services and support outreach.