VIP and long-term care access


The Royal Canadian Legion is advocating for increased access to the Veterans Independence Program benefits and long-term care facilities

Aging, ill and injured Veterans and their spouses must have the opportunity to remain in their homes as long as possible, and access to long term care when staying in their home is no longer an option.
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Primary advocacy position(s) on this issue:

• When the surviving spouse applies for the Veterans Independence Program (VIP) benefit that was not in place prior to the Veteran's death, due consideration must be given by VAC and the benefit of doubt be applied in each individual case to assist the surviving spouse to remain at home and in the community.

• We ask that VAC enact legislation so that VIP benefits are automatically transferred to the survivor. If the surviving spouse declines the VIP benefit that was in place prior to the Veterans’ death, the VIP benefit should be held in suspension until the widow requires the VIP benefit to assist the surviving spouse to remain at home and in the community.

• All eligible Canadian Armed Forces Veterans, regardless of when or where they served, should receive preferred access to vacant Long Term Care beds in all Long-Term Care Centres.

• We would like to see an increase in the number of preferred admission beds to accommodate eligible CAF Veterans in facilities other than those that were previously federally owned.