Advocating for change

The Legion advocates for the care, benefits and wellbeing of all Veterans and their families. Nationally, the Legion is actively advocating for a list of measures that, if adopted by Canada’s Government, will have a positive impact on our Veterans and their families.

Below are the some of our key areas of advocacy:

  1. Veterans Well-being Act
  2. Lifelong financial security
  3. Access to benefits
  4. Transition to civilian life
  5. Mental Health
  6. Families
  7. Research and treatment
  8. Homeless Veterans
  9. Long-term care
  10. Seniors
  11. Culture and conduct
  12. Death benefits
  13. Defence and security

In addition to national advocacy efforts, the Legion works at the provincial and local levels to advocate for Veterans and their families.

Canada’s Veterans served to protect the very rights and freedoms we enjoy today; we owe them our commitment to ensure they receive the benefits they need and deserve. The Royal Canadian Legion firmly believes this country has a solemn obligation owed to our military members.