We work with government, military and other Veteran organizations

Meetings with government representatives and senior military officials

    In our advocacy role, the Legion brings forward to the Government of Canada issues that affect the wellbeing of Veterans and their families. The Legion meets regularly with the Department of National Defence, Veterans Affairs Canada, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs, and the Senate Committee to initiate change and develop solutions.  The Legion has representatives on each of the six Veterans Affairs Ministerial Advisory Groups, working with members from the Veteran community, family members of Veterans, and other professionals assisting Veterans to develop sound recommendations to improve care and benefits for Veterans.


Working alongside other Veteran organizations

    The Legion connects, builds relationships and shares resources with like-minded Veteran organizations. The Legion collaborates with key stakeholders, such as the Veterans Ombudsman and the Veterans Consultation Assembly, to identify challenges and press for change to ensure that Veterans and their families receive the care and benefits they deserve.

War memorial Canadian tombstone Commonwealth Cemetery of Cassino in Italy

Building relationships with the Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP

    The Legion frequently collaborates with the Canadian Armed Forces and the RCMP to offer programs and services designed specifically for military or RCMP personnel. The Legion conducts frequent outreach to serving and retired military and RCMP to ensure they are aware of the services available to them through the Legion.

War memorial Canadian tombstone Commonwealth Cemetery of Cassino in Italy

Other ways we advocate:

We participate in advocacy at the national, provincial, branch and community levels

We continually invest in research for better Veteran advocacy