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Meet HearingLife: a Legion partner that helps to provide YOU with Better Hearing

Nov 21, 2018
Royal Canadian Legion members are entitled to receive discounts and benefits when visiting any HearingLife location across Canada.

The Royal Canadian Legion is focused on quality of life for all members. That is WHY a partnership with HearingLife was an obvious and natural fit.

“We recognize ’hearing well’ is a key component in remaining connected and living your best life,” says Legion’s Dominion President, Tom Irvine. “HearingLife has clinics where all our members reside and are the only hearing care organization covering all four core areas of the hearing industry, bringing our members much needed expertise!”

As of August 2017, in alignment with the Legion’s strong focus on securing the best in benefits for all of its members, Royal Canadian Legion members are entitled to receive the following discounts and benefits when visiting any HearingLife location across Canada:

  • A 10% discount on all premium and advanced hearing aids and a 20% discount on entry level hearing aids. Both of these discounts can be combined with additional HearingLife promotional offers.
  • 50 AIR MILES® Reward Miles for a hearing test and 1000 Miles with a purchase of premium hearing
  • Our Expert Care Guarantee which includes everything you need for your hearings for three full years…even batteries!

HearingLife makes an annual donation to the Royal Canadian Legion Dominion Command and is committed to contributing to the growth of the organization. Plus, in celebration of our partnership, combine this $1,000 coupon with your 10% Legion discount on the purchase of a pair of the latest digital hearing aids for you or someone you know who has difficulty hearing. Click the link to get this exclusive offer! https://www.hearinglife.ca/landing-pages/ebl-wlop-legn


About HearingLife

HearingLife and its network partners have over 200 clinics across the nation, and form the largest network of hearing health providers in Canada.