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Importance of Monuments and Cenotaphs

Feb 12, 2016
Letter to the Editor

Monuments and cenotaphs provide a tribute to the sacrifices made by Canadians during armed conflict, peace support operations or military training. They build awareness about how our Veterans shaped the Canada we know today, promote a sense of community and national pride while creating a legacy for generations to come. In short, they are a place of honour. So any attempt to desecrate, vandalize or tarnish these symbols of Remembrance will always be viewed with disdain and scorn by the members of The Royal Canadian Legion and hopefully by the courts of public opinion.

It is hoped that the recent events in Fredericton, New Brunswick will provide an opportunity for New Brunswickers and other Canadians to re-affirm the purpose of monuments and cenotaphs and the important role they play in the heritage of our communities.

We Will Remember Them!


Tom Eagles
Dominion President
The Royal Canadian Legion