Organization and structure

For The Royal Canadian Legion, every member counts. We offer opportunities for all members to help shape the direction of the organization. Our policies and positions are determined through a member-driven resolution process that invites all members to bring forward issues, opportunities and solutions to their Branch. Resolutions may then be brought forward for provincial or national consideration by the membership.

The leadership of the Legion is elected by the membership through Branch, Provincial and Dominion elections. Legion Branches are autonomous and independently operated. Their policies and activities are defined by their membership in accordance with Legion by-laws, allowing them to meet the needs of local Veterans and support their community. Branches have an elected executive and committees that guide their activities, and volunteer Service Officers who can assist local Veterans or refer them to Provincial Command for specialized help.

Provincial Commands have an executive elected by members within the Command. Their role is to provide direction and support to their branches and ensure they abide by Legion by-laws. Each Command has trained professional Command Service Officers that assist Veterans with benefit applications and support. Provincial Commands also develop provincial programs and initiatives to meet Veteran needs. Provincial Commands hold Provincial Conventions every two years to determine provincial policies and direction for the Command.

Dominion Command is the national headquarters and is chiefly responsible for all national advocacy, Veteran representation and assistance, national program development and administrative oversight of the organization. On a national level, positions and policies are determined by the Dominion Executive Council (DEC), the national governing body of The Royal Canadian Legion. DEC members are comprised of the Dominion President and the Senior Elected Officers, elected by the membership at Dominion Convention. DEC also includes the President of each Provincial Command and Special Section. Other members including the Dominion Grand President and Chairs of the Defence and Security Committee, the Constitution and Laws Committee, and the Ritual and Awards Committee, and others as appointed by the Dominion President, may attend but are non-voting members of DEC. 

We encourage all members of the Legion to participate in developing the direction of the Legion by getting involved at the Branch level, voting in Branch, Provincial Command and Dominion Command elections, and taking on leadership roles within the organization.

organization diagram