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By-laws and Publications

producing any part of these manuals.Act to IncorporateGeneral By-laws (amended December 2018)Rules of Procedure (July 2017)Ritual, Awards and Protocol Manual (January 2018)Poppy Manual (amended


Poppy Trust Funds

Poppy Trust Funds, can be found in the Legion`s Poppy Manual.Supporting Veterans Every DayThank you for your donations, of poppy money, poppy manual, poppy trust fund, donate to poppy campaign, poppy funds supports, In this section Poppy Trust FundsYour, . Use of Poppy Trust FundsThrough your donations to the Legion Poppy Fund, the Legion provides, , and their families who are in need. Poppy Funds may be used for:Grants for food, heating costs, clothing


The Poppy trademark

The Poppy trademark, related to the Poppy trademark, contact dmartin@legion.ca.Consult the Legion’s Poppy Manual, In this section The Poppy trademarkThe Royal Canadian Legion has been entrusted by the people of Canada to uphold and maintain the Poppy, usage of the Poppy symbol must be submitted to Dominion Command as outlined below.The Legion safeguards the Poppy trademark On June 30, 1948, on behalf of the people of Canada, the Legion was given


Letter to the Editor: Poppy Funds

Letter to the Editor: Poppy Funds, as outlined in the policy contained in the Poppy Manual. Poppy Trust Funds assist Veterans who, This year marks the 95th year that the Poppy has stood as a symbol of Remembrance for all Canadians, became known around the world. The Legion takes its responsibility to protect the legacy of the Poppy and the distribution of Poppy Funds very seriously. All funds collected during our Poppy Campaign, related to their training, education and support needs. The annual Poppy Campaign is organized


Royal Canadian Legion fed up with misrepresentation by media

of the Provincial Commands. In the Legion Poppy Manual (403.ii.l) it indicates that a Command or, subject, files on veterans without their consent April 27, 2016 Canadian legion under fire for donating poppy, expense. All funding for travel is taken out of the Legion’s General Account – Poppy Funds are not used for this. USE OF POPPY FUNDS Misinformation published on April 27, 2016 FALSE: Quotes in a recent article implied misuse of Poppy Funds that are in support of the 2017 Invictus Games