The Registered Trademark Poppy

The Dominion Command of The Royal Canadian Legion has registered the trademark of the Poppy image to safeguard the Poppy insignia as a symbol of Remembrance. The People of Canada also provided enhanced protection to the Poppy insignia as a protected mark through an Act of Parliament in 1948. 

Any proposed usage of the Poppy symbol must be submitted to Dominion Command as outlined below.

The Legion safeguards the Poppy trademark 

Since 1921, the Poppy has stood as a national symbol of Remembrance. The Poppy is also the recognized symbol for the Legion’s Poppy Campaign, which raises funds to support Veterans and their dependents. 

The Legion ensures that the Remembrance Poppy is not used to commercialize, politicize, or dishonour those who served or to misrepresent the Poppy Campaign and the donations it raises.

The guidelines governing the use of the Poppy trademark is outlined in the Legion Poppy Manual.

Elements included in the trademark

The Legion has registered many variations of the Poppy image (lapel poppy, Poppy logo, symbols and flower) as trademarks and also has registered the trademark POPPY. The ensuing rights prevent unauthorized use, especially in the context of Veterans, remembrance and fund-raising for each trademark.

The Poppy can never be used as a symbol of Remembrance by any organization, group, community, or individual for commercial, charitable, political or community display or public distribution without the express written permission of the Dominion Command Poppy and Remembrance Committee. Below are a few examples of unauthorized use.

The Remembrance Poppy CANNOT be used without authorization

  • on consumer items such as products, apparel, art, or commemorative items or their packaging
  • on lawn signs and door decorations produced for distribution
  • in promotions or signage for a business, an offer, an event or group
  • in visual or multimedia displays, such as posters, websites, or videos for public viewing
  • as produced or crafted items for resale, to raise money, or for public distribution
  • on a commemorative Christmas decoration
  • incorporated into a logo

The Remembrance Poppy CAN NEVER

  • be placed where it can be walked on
  • be made as edible products

    Requesting the use of the Poppy 

    The Legion has granted permission to organizations, communities and individuals to use the Poppy symbol for various initiatives that bring focus to Remembrance. Anyone wishing to use the Poppy symbol can request authorization as outlined below.

What is required to request use of the Poppy:

  • Contact information for the individual or organization making the request
  • A description of how and where the Poppy will be used or displayed (attach a draft design of image placement or size, if applicable)
  • An explanation of why the Poppy usage is requested
  • An indication of what period of time the Poppy will be used or displayed
  • A disclosure, if intended for use on a product, of the selling cost of the item and a projection of the expected profit to be made
  • If approved, 100% of the proceeds of sales must be given to the Legion Poppy Trust Fund. 

Send requests to:

Coordinator of the Poppy and Remembrance Committee
The Royal Canadian Legion
86 Aird Place
Ottawa, ON K2L 0A1
Fax: 613-591-9335

Personal use of the Poppy

The Royal Canadian Legion’s Poppy Store offers a wide range of Poppy items to help Canadians honour and support Veterans year-round. All items have been approved through the Dominion Command Poppy and Remembrance Committee and proceeds from sales support Legion programs for Veterans and their families. 

Individuals also are welcome to embrace the Poppy for personal use. Whether crafting a handmade Poppy to gift a Veteran, or drawing a Remembrance Poppy to display in the window, or painting Poppies on stones to place on Veterans’ graves, there are many ways Canadians can continue the tradition of the Poppy.


For questions related to the Poppy trademark, contact Coordinator, Dominion Command Poppy and Remembrance Committee at