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Delegates move agenda forward at Royal Canadian Legion national convention

Aug 28, 2018
New ideas and new resolutions mark the outcome of the 2018 Royal Canadian Legion’s 47th Dominion Convention wrapping up in Winnipeg, Manitoba this week.

Ottawa, August 28, 2018 – New ideas and new resolutions mark the outcome of the 2018 Royal Canadian Legion’s 47th Dominion Convention wrapping up in Winnipeg, Manitoba this week.

“I am pleased with the level of discussion we’ve had on issues related to our Veterans’ best interests,” says outgoing President Dave Flannigan. “We have passed several resolutions that we hope will help move things forward.”

Some of the key resolutions affecting veterans carried at this meeting to date include:

  • Dominion Convention 2018 voting_smRecommendation that Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) enact legislation to open Military Family Resource Centres to all veterans and their families, not just medically released veterans; and that the Centres be renamed to the Military Family and Veteran Family Resource Centres.
  • Directive for the President of The Royal Canadian Legion to call upon the Government to make the position of the VAC Ombudsman a permanent and independent position, enshrined in law and reporting directly to Parliament.
  • Recommendation that VAC enact legislation that would result in VIP benefits being offered to the survivor after a veteran’s death; and that these benefits could be held in suspension until the survivor requires them.
  • The Junior Canadian Ranger program will be recognized as being eligible for financial support from the Poppy Funds of The Royal Canadian Legion.
  • Recommendation that the Legion strongly urge the federal government to legally recognize Ocean War Graves that would put the loss of a sailor on the same standing as the loss of soldiers and airmen and women.

All passed resolutions will appear on the website in the weeks to come.

During the convention, the Honourable Seamus O’Regan, Minister of Veterans Affairs made the introductory keynote address and reflected upon the importance of the work of the Legion in helping to set Veteran-related policy across the country.

“The Government of Canada greatly values our relationship with the Royal Canadian Legion. For decades, they have been our strong ally and working with the Legion has allowed us to draw on their knowledge and experience. Since 2016, we’ve invested over $10 billion towards enhanced benefits and services for Veterans and their families, the largest increase in decades. All these improvements were made possible by the ongoing input from Veterans – and in no small part, from the Royal Canadian Legion.”

The Legion’s Dominion Convention is held every two years at varying locations across the country, and during which the organization’s policies and programs are determined. It wraps up in Winnipeg this week.

About The Royal Canadian Legion

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