Legion Riders – Its a freedom thing

May 28, 2018
Legion Riders was created by and for Legion members to demonstrate unity - as Veterans and Veteran supporters – and to share our support.

Written by Stephany Crowley, Legion Riders Volunteer Coordinator

Ask any motorcycle rider what they love most about riding, they’re likely to say something about “Freedom.”   The freedom to ride through the wind, the freedom to be or roam anywhere you want. When I started riding, I thought I was the only one who didn’t get that ‘freedom thing.’  I came to realize, it’s a word used to describe a feeling.  As you leave your busy world, put your head in a little bucket and crack the throttle, you feel the wind, smell nature, hear the roar of your pipes. You can’t help feeling one with the lush beautiful world around you.  Perhaps that ‘freedom thing’ is the feeling of being part of something greater than yourself and the feeling of being in complete control of your own destiny.

youth-education-legion-ridersFreedom is also the reason why we honour those that have fought and died for our country.  We honour those that were willing to sacrifice everything so that others could be liberated and live in a free and just society.  It’s not surprising that there have been so many motorcycle clubs started by Veterans throughout the decades.  Motorcycle riding and honouring Veterans are simpatico because they share a raison d'être. Freedom is what unites us.  As Legion members, honouring Veterans is our duty.  I wear many patches and belong to many clubs, but I am most proud to wear the Legion Riders patch along with the others.  

Legion Riders was created by and for Legion members to demonstrate unity - as Veterans and Veteran supporters – and to share our support.  The Legion Riders patch with the prominent Legion logo that includes the symbolic Poppy, is recognized everywhere I go.  People on the street see the patch and I hear, “oh look, the Legion is here,”.  They see the patch and instantly, remembrance happens.  We are greeted with gratitude for our presence and what we stand for. 

We don’t think of Legion Riders as a motorcycle club, but rather a united group of motorcycle enthusiasts who are fiercely proud of Canada’s Veterans and serving military.  No matter what you ride, or whether you served or not, we invite you to join Legion Riders, wear the patch with pride while on a ride and stand united with us year-round. To join visit http://www.legion.ca/communities-youth/legion-riders

Stephany Crowley
Legion Riders Volunteer Coordinator
Legion Member, Aylmer Legion Branch #33