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Federal Budget 2017 – ‘Promises, promises’ says The Royal Canadian Legion

Jun 6, 2017

OTTAWA – The Federal Government’s budget has checked off a couple more priorities from the Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) mandate letter, but it certainly has missed the opportunity to deliver on key recommendations brought forward by the VAC Ministerial Advisory Groups, specifically, the need for lifelong financial security for ill and injured Veterans. Budget 2017 provides vague promises and no clarity on how the government will deliver lifelong financial security for our Veterans and their families.

Canada’s ill and injured Veterans need and deserve financial security, critical supports and benefits, and this budget missed the mark by not delivering substantive details.

“Bottom line, this budget doesn’t do enough for our Veterans and their families,” says David Flannigan, Dominion President. “How long do Veterans have to wait?”

For those who served to protect the very rights and freedoms we enjoy today, we owe our Veterans our commitment to press Government to ensure the care and benefits they receive are the best they can possibly be.



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