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The Legion Stands Ready to Hold Government Accountable to the Mandate Letter

Jun 6, 2017

On October 5th and 6th, Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) held a Stakeholder Summit to hear recommendations brought forward by the Ministerial Advisory Groups, newly formed groups established by the Minister of Veterans Affairs to improve transparency and seek consultation on issues of importance to Veterans and their families. Veterans Affairs Canada recently released the Ministerial Advisory Groups Presentations and Records of Discussion on the VAC website.

VAC Ministerial Advisory Groups: Presentations and Records of Discussion

The Royal Canadian Legion, with representation on each of the six Ministerial Advisory Groups, has long been advocating for the recommendations highlighted in the presentations. We worked alongside the members of the Ministerial Advisory Groups to reach a consensus position on how best to serve our Veterans and families. If the recommendations provided to the Minister of Veterans Affairs are implemented, all Veterans and their families will have the life-time financial security, supports and services they rightly deserve.

The Minister of Veterans Affairs will now prioritize these recommendations to present to government for Budget 2017. The Ministerial Advisory Groups will not know the prioritization of the recommendations nor what was presented to Cabinet until Budget 2017 is released. The Royal Canadian Legion welcomes further consultation, and awaits the release of Budget 2017 which will reveal how the Government intends on living up to their promises as outlined in the Prime Minister`s mandate letter to the Minister of Veterans Affairs Canada and the Associate Minister of National Defence.

The Royal Canadian Legion will continue to follow the actions of the Government, and while we await the process through which recommendations will be addressed, the Legion stands ready to hold the Department and the Government accountable to achieving the recommendations that will see the mandate letter fulfilled.

Veterans’ lives and the lives of their families are at stake.


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