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Change to Legion Structure Will Improve Services to Veterans

Jun 29, 2016
St. John’s, NL, June 12th 2016 – The Delegates at the 46th Dominion Convention took a huge step forward earlier today after they passed a motion to create the Operational Stress Injury Special Section.

“This will provide outreach, peer-support, referral services, and advocacy for Veterans and their families who are affected by mental health disorders, including PTSD,” says Royal Canadian Legion Dominion President, Tom Eagles.

“As Canada’s largest Veteran’s service organization, the Legion is uniquely positioned to help Veterans and families affected by operational stress injuries.  With the reach and diversity of Legion members, we will be able to touch virtually every community in Canada and connect Veterans affected by OSI with resources that they need to help them and their families.  The Veterans who have launched this initiative and those who have already pledged their support are strongly committed to helping their fellow Veterans overcome the challenges of their injuries and regain control of their lives. “What’s good for our Veterans is good for our communities,” says interim President of the OSI Special Section, Glynne Hines.

Operational Stress Injury – Special Section

Terms of Reference:

The OSI Special Section will

  • Reach out and assist Veterans and their families affected by OSI;
  • Promote public awareness and work to de-stigmatize the public perception of Veterans with OSI;
  • Bring focus to the sufferers through assistance, referrals, information and awareness;
  • Promote research into treatment and prevention;
  • The OSI Special Section will not deliver health services.


  • Veterans as defined by The Royal Canadian Legion and their families who are/have been affected by OSI;
  • Members of the Special Section must be Legion members.

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For further information please contact Bruce Poulin at Dominion Command, by cell at (613) 292-8760 or