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Operational Stress Injury – Special Section

Jun 27, 2016

Not since 1925 has the Legion made an organizational change to focus on the specific needs of one group of Veterans.  The establishment of the OSI Special Section will facilitate Veterans and their families affected by Operational Stress Injuries to get the medical care they need and help to focus research and education about OSI.

helicopter“We want to work to de-stigmatize OSI so that those suffering and their families can get the help that they need,” says Royal Canadian Legion Dominion President, Tom Eagles.    “By creating this Special Section within The Royal Canadian Legion, and maintaining a close working relationship with the Department of National Defence and Veterans Affairs Canada, we believe that we can improve the support that Veterans and their families receive and strengthen the Legion’s ability to advocate for Veteran mental health issues,” adds Eagles.

“The Operational Stress Injury Special Section is a grass-roots, member-driven initiative focused on ensuring that Veterans and their families suffering from Operational Stress Injuries get the medical care they need,” says interim President of the OSI Special Section, Glynne Hines.


Terms of Reference:

The OSI Special Section will

  • Reach out and assist Veterans and their families affected by OSI;
  • Promote public awareness and work to de-stigmatize the public perception of Veterans with OSI;
  • Bring focus to the sufferers through assistance, referrals, information and awareness.
  • Promote research into treatment and prevention.
  • The OSI Special Section WILL NOT deliver health services.


  • Veterans as defined by the Royal Canadian Legion and their families who are/have been affected by OSI;
  • Members of the Special Section must be RCL members;

Way Ahead:

  • Commit Dominion Command staff resources (further) to support the OSI Section: (i.e. Administrative, Legal, Marketing/Public Relations, Training);
  • Support/Encourage OSI Section support within Provincial Commands;
  • Motion for general membership approval at the Dominion Convention.

For more information on the OSI Special Section visit: Operational Stress Injury – Special Section

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For further information please contact Bruce Poulin at Dominion Command, at (613) 591-3335 ext. 241 or by cell at (613) 292-8760 or