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Legion Commemorates 25th Anniversary of End of Gulf War

Jun 23, 2016
HMCS Terra Nova in Halifax Harbour, August 1990  (Photo courtesy of the Canadian War Museum)

OTTAWA, ON, February 28th 2016 – The Royal Canadian Legion commemorates the outstanding service of Canada’s military personnel as we pause to observe the 25th anniversary of the end of the Gulf War.

“One of the three main pillars of the Legion is Remembrance,” states Dominion President of The Royal Canadian Legion, Tom Eagles. “Operation Desert Storm was an important milestone for the international community because it refused to accept the policy whereby international borders are changed through military force, and Canadians should be proud to have played a role in that effort,” says Eagles.

Code-named Operation Friction, some 4,500 Canadian military personnel deployed to the Gulf region as part of a coalition of 34 nations standing up to the Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. Kuwait was liberated by the coalition forces and the Gulf War ended on 28 February 1991.

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