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Legion Launches Poppy Campaign

Feb 12, 2016

OTTAWA, ON, October 30th 2015 – The annual national Legion Poppy Campaign started earlier this morning as Legion members headed out to their local designated areas to offer poppies to Canadians. This year, it is hoped that poppies will be proudly worn by ALL Canadians between now and November 11th 2015.

“Every year, for two weeks, thousands of Legion members volunteer their time to offer poppies and raise millions that will be provided to Veterans and their families in need,” says Tom Eagles, Dominion President of The Royal Canadian Legion. “While I am proud to be a Legion member, I am also particularly proud to see Canadians help us remember Canada’s Veterans’ both past and present who, at the call of their country, left all that was dear to them, faced danger and, much too often, passed out of sight of all Canadians through their self-sacrifice giving up their lives so that others may live in freedom,” adds Eagles.

If you would like to make a donation and receive a Poppy and there is no Poppy booth nearby, please contact your local Legion branch and they will be more than pleased to help out. You can find your local branch using the Branch Locator feature on the Legion website.

Since 1921, the Poppy has stood as the Symbol of Remembrance, a visual pledge to never forget those Canadians who have fallen in war and military support operations. The Poppy also stands internationally as a “symbol of collective reminiscence”, as other countries have also adopted its image to honour those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Join The Legion, Wear a Poppy!


For further information please contact Bruce Poulin at Dominion Command, The Royal Canadian Legion or at (613) 591-3335 ext. 241 or by cell at (613) 292-8760.