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Importance of the Poppy Campaign

Feb 12, 2016
Letter to the Editor

Since 1921, the Poppy has stood as a symbol of Remembrance for all Canadians. It represents our visual pledge to never forget those 117,000 Canadians who have fallen in war and military operations to protect the freedoms that we enjoy today.

Every year, the Legion conducts the Poppy Campaign across Canada. All funds collected during this National Poppy Campaign are held in trust at every level of the Legion and the use of these trust funds are strictly controlled.

The basic purpose of Poppy Trust Funds is to assist Veterans who are need of financial assistance. From the 2014 Poppy Campaign, for example, more than $16.5 million was used to assist the Veterans’ Community across Canada. Such assistance includes the provision of housing accommodation or care facilities, medical training and research, support for Veterans such as drop-in centres and meals on wheels, accessibility modifications and other quality of life needs such as wheel chairs, prosthetics and transition programs for Veterans related to their training, education and support needs.

Because of your donation and that of other Canadians, the National Poppy Campaign is able to provide the necessary funds to assist our Veterans and their families in need, and allows the Legion to continue to foster the tradition of Remembrance by wearing a Poppy.

Please join the Legion and wear a Poppy.

Tom Eagles
Dominion President