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The Legion Disgusted and Dismayed at Ottawa Citizen Article Depicting Images of Cpl Cirillo’s Killer

Feb 12, 2016

The Royal Canadian Legion is dedicated to uphold and perpetuate the honour and sacrifices of the men and women who served and died for our country… to ensure Canada never forgets.

Yet on October 3, I was abhorred to find a featured article on the front page of the Ottawa Citizen that went against the very tenants of Honour and Remembrance of a fallen soldier. It was with the greatest of disgust and dismay that I saw, on the front page, top fold of the nation’s capital`s newspaper, a story and photographs of Corporal Nathan Cirillo’s killer in the midst of committing the deadly act at the National War Memorial. The story focused on how the attack was captured on camera, with explicit detail and images of the killer in action. The story glorified the actions of a killer.

In this day and age, with terrorism and violence escalating, media has an undeniable influence and responsibility in what and how messages of these acts are conveyed. Messages and images that focus on terrorists only achieve to amplify their efforts by giving them maximum publicity and may encourage future attacks. To give ANY attention to this murderer and to be so irresponsible in publishing those photos only serves to sensationalize a tragic incident and bring immense pain to the family and friends of Nathan Cirillo. As we approach the anniversary of this tragic attack, attention should only be given to the courage, dedication and service of Cpl Cirillo, honoured Veteran of The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada.

Our heart goes out to the grieving family and friends in the wake of this article, and the Legion forever honours and Remembers Corporal Nathan Cirillo and all of Canada’s fallen Veterans for their service and sacrifice.

Lest We Forget


Tom Eagles
Dominion President
The Royal Canadian Legion