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Legion Enters the Blogosphere

Feb 12, 2016

OTTAWA, ON, September 2, 2015 –For the past two years, the Legion has embarked on an aggressive two-phase plan to modernize its organization. The first phase was for Dominion Command to make arrangements to provide a computer to every Legion Branch. The second phase consisted in revamping its outreach efforts through both traditional media and new media – more commonly referred to as social media and this is where we would like to welcome you to LegionConnect.

“The unprecedented ease of communication and access to information means that any Veteran who wishes to express themselves has ample mediums to do so,” says Dominion President of the Royal Canadian Legion, Tom Eagles. “The aim of Legion Connect is to offer currently serving and former military members a unique opportunity to engage in virtual discussions amongst the Veteran community on issues that directly impact them free of charge and free of commercial advertising,” adds Eagles.

Any Veteran that wishes to join Legion Connect is invited to visit our link:, register and look up your Alma matter or your friends and current or former colleagues.

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For further information please contact Bruce Poulin at Dominion Command, at (613) 591-3335 ext. 241 or by cell at (613) 292-8760 or