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73rd Anniversary of the Dieppe Raid

Feb 12, 2016

Today marks the 73rd anniversary of the Dieppe Raid, a tragic day in the history of World War Two, and a devastating day for Canada.

August 19, 1942, on the beaches of Dieppe, France, 5000 troops of the 2nd Canadian Infantry Division fought alongside British troops in a plan to capture and hold the German-occupied port of Dieppe. Yet the German defences were prepared and the Allied attack failed. On that fateful day 916 Canadian soldiers lost their lives and 1950 were taken prisoner by the Germans. Our sacrifices were significant but important lessons were learned which helped to pave the way for D Day in 1944.

Today we remember the courage and sacrifice of those who fought, sacrificed and died in the Dieppe Raid. Every day we remember and are forever grateful for the service and sacrifice of Canada’s Veterans. Lest we forget.

Learn more about the Dieppe Raid from the Canadian War Museum.

Photo courtesy of the Canadian War Museum.