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Legion recognizes budget funding for recent announcements but looking for more action

Feb 16, 2016
Time is of the essence now to ensure Veterans are looked after

OTTAWA, ON, APRIL 22, 2015 –Having made a series of recent announcements for programming to support Veterans and their families, the Legion expected nothing less from the budget than adequate funding to meet these commitments. “The Legion recognizes the progress being made for Veterans and their families in this budget,” says Tom Eagles, Dominion President of The Royal Canadian Legion, “but we will not let the government rest until Bills C-58 (Support for Veterans and the Families Act) and C-27 (Priority Hiring) are enacted. Likewise, we will not rest until the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Veterans (ACVA) report recommendations are adopted,” adds Eagles.

At the most recent Veterans Summit, hosted by Veterans Affairs Minister O’Toole, the Minister specifically made a commitment to all in attendance that Bill C-58 would be passed before the scheduled end of the current parliamentary session on 23 June, 2015. “Time is of the essence; we urge the Minister to honour his words to all Veterans and their families and get this important legislation passed,” says Eagles.

These bills lay out important enhancements that will improve the care and benefits provided to Veterans and their families, and also ensure Veterans have access to career opportunities that can support them beyond their military lives. The recommendations contained in the ACVA report, provided by Veterans and put forth by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs clearly dictate the direction the government can readily take to help Veterans live better lives.

The Legion has not shied away from making its stance on these issues known. “We have shared our position paper – Veterans Matter – with all Canadians to encourage informed debate leading up to and after any possible elections,” says Eagles.

ACVA made 14 recommendations in their report and the Legion expects to see real action to address problem areas within the New Veterans Charter,” states Eagles.

One important aspect that needs to be addressed is the maximum disability award which must be increased consistent with what is provided to injured civilian workers who received general damages in law court.

“While we appreciate that these issues are complex and require considerable time, effort and financial resources to implement, it is the belief of the Legion that the government must action all recommendations in the ACVA Report,” says Eagles. “We remain committed to the ACVA recommendations, the Bills before Parliament now and we will not cease our efforts to push this government to honour its obligations,” adds Eagles.

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