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FREE COMPUTERS for all Legion Branches!!!

Aug 18, 2016

FREE COMPUTERS for all Legion Branches!!! Does that tweak your interest? We hope so, because the Legion has a great opportunity to ensure every Branch across Canada has access to a computer.

The Legion is moving online and Branches will need access to a computer to stay informed and keep their operations up to date. We know computers can be a big expense, so Dominion Command is working with Industry Canada to offer surplus computers to all Branches at little or no cost to the Branch. You don’t want to pass up this deal!

ComputerThrough this opportunity, every Branch can receive:

  • Acentral processing unit (CPU) – the brains of the computer
  • An operating system – the software that runs the computer
  • A keyboard and mouse
  • A flat screen monitor
  • Office software (for a low, additional cost that varies among provinces)

*   Shipping and handling costs (may be waived by making special pick up arrangements)

To get a FREE computer at your Branch, simply contact your Provincial Command and put in your request for a surplus computer through the Industry Canada initiative. Your Provincial Command will coordinate distribution of the computers.

Submit your request to your Provincial Command by February 2 to take advantage of this great offer.

The Legion is changing with the times… don’t get left behind! Request your FREE computer today.