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Message from Dominion President – Launch of Poppy Campaign 2014

Aug 18, 2016


Every year, from the last Friday in October to Remembrance Day we conduct the Poppy Campaign for the benefit of our Veterans. It is a tradition that has existed as long as the origins of the Legion itself.  The Royal Canadian Legion has the privilege of being the guardian of Remembrance for our nation and it is an honour our more than 300,000 members proudly uphold each and every day of the year. As the largest Veterans and community service organization in Canada, the Legion is committed to ensuring our Veterans and their families receive the care and benefits they deserve. Given the sacrifices made by the men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces, RCMP, and those who serve to protect us it is the very least we can do.PoppyFlag

Canadians wear a Poppy to honour and Remember. The donations made to the Poppy Trust Fund support the services the Legion provides and can only be used for Veterans and their families who are in need. In 2013, the Legion helped more than 12,000 Veterans directly through our Service Bureau Network, making a real difference in their lives.  This year, in light of recent events, it is clear that Canadians want to express their pride in our Nation and in the men and women who serve to protect our great country more than ever!  While we mourn our collective losses, it is a time to Remember those brave deeds and sacrifices that were made on our behalf and to honour the men and women of our Canadian Armed Forces and protective services.

I am convinced that our volunteers are prepared for this outpouring of support and will always keep in mind that through our efforts more than 18 million poppies are distributed and all funds raised will be distributed to our Veterans in need.

Always keep in mind that by making a donation and wearing a Poppy, Canadians also support many important aspects of and programs within the communities where we all live. The Poppy Campaign is for all Canadians. Let us now come together as one united Legion family and present ourselves to Canadians as the proud Legion members we are and the caring Canadians our country has come to know us to be.

We Will Remember Them!


Tom Eagles
Dominion President
The Royal Canadian Legion