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The Royal Canadian Legion Announces $30,000 Scholarship Donation to CIMVHR

Aug 18, 2016

During the recently held Military and Veteran Health Research (MVHR) Forum, hosted by the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research6 (CIMVHR), The Royal Canadian Legion’s Mr. Gordon Moore, Dominion President, announced that The Royal Canadian Legion will be donating $30,000 to CIMVHR for a scholarship opportunity in Military and Veterans Health Research. The purpose of The Royal Canadian Legion Masters Scholarship in Veteran Health Research is to address the needs over the life course of those who have served our nation and their families.

Canada provides our military with the best training and equipment in the world but we must also ensure that when these soldiers return home to the ‘new battlefield’ of challenges due to physical and mental injuries or the social challenges or reintegrating into family and community life that they are provided with the same level of support.

Gordon Moore, Dominion President, The Royal Canadian Legion

Gordon Moore,
Dominion President,
The Royal Canadian Legion

“Since our founding in 1926, the Legion has recognized there are unique issues facing Veterans and their families and the only way to truly understand these issues is through thorough and systematic research,” said Moore. “Being able to develop the knowledge to handle existing needs while also making connections to emerging heath care requirements will be a fundamental skill set and the Legion takes great pride in the small role it is playing to make this happen,” added Moore.

CIMVHR and The Royal Canadian Legion have made a commitment to this Canadian scholarship that will ensure a lasting legacy for Veteran research in Canada by training a future generation of researchers. “Building the future generation of researchers in Veterans health is critical to ensuring this important topic stays current. We are grateful to the Legion for the support and recognition of the importance of research in the health of Veterans and their families“, said Dr. Aiken, Director of CIMVHR. Creating links between the future generation of researchers and CIMVHR’s University Members and Government Stakeholders will also ensure that high impact research can be translated into practice, policies and programs that affect the lives of those who have served and their families.

For more information on The Royal Canadian Legion Masters Scholarship in Veteran Health please see the application guidelines available at All applications must be submitted by March 31, 2014 to Angela Whitehead at angela.whitehead@cimvhr.ca8.