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Legion Launches Virtual Wall of Honour and Remembrance for 2013

Feb 16, 2016

OTTAWA, ON, SEPTEMBER 13TH, 2013 – Every year, for more than ninety years, millions of Canadians have supported The Royal Canadian Legion’s Poppy Campaign and Remembrance Day ceremony. They have done so by attending cenotaphs and monuments for Remembrance ceremonies held across this country and by wearing the Poppy.

Last year, Canadians were afforded another opportunity to show their respect for all Veterans: The Legion asked Canadians to send a photograph of a deceased Veteran to Dominion Command, The Royal Canadian Legion. These photos, in turn, were displayed on the large video screens located near the National War Memorial and shown prior to the Remembrance Day Ceremony held on November 11th and were later posted on the Legion’s website and available to all Canadians and everyone around the world to see.

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