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The Legion is Focused on the Future

Feb 16, 2016

Comrades, we belong to one of Canada’s greatest institutions, The Royal Canadian Legion. For the past 87 years, we have been faithful to our mandate and mission to look after Canada’s veterans and their families, to promote Remembrance and to serve our communities and nation. We have done this with a quiet resolve and a humble outlook.

Far too often our efforts are overlooked and sometimes taken for granted; yet we continue to press on doing the work of the largest volunteer organization in this country. With a renewed sense of commitment, we have embarked on a process that we call “FOCUS ON THE FUTURE”. The aim is to ensure the long term commitment of the Legion in Canada’s daily life. We have expanded our capabilities to market the Legion with a sincere belief that the more you get to know us, the more that you would like to be part of this great organization. Membership is key to fulfilling our mandate but so too is letting our friends, community and elected officials know what we are all about and what we can do. One by one, we can grow! Legion branches are the cornerstone to our communities. Branches are a welcoming place where all veterans can come for support and camaraderie. Branches are where we celebrate marriages, births, anniversaries, community events and even death. Branches are also an important link to our communities, offering support and helping in times of emergency.

As we continue to grow public awareness of the Legion, we will face challenges from those who would prefer to criticize. The Legion is an open and accountable organization, so we face those criticisms with facts, integrity and sincerity. Factual information is a huge weapon and knowledge is power.

Dominion Command is committed to you to make available the information that we can all use to promote the great deeds of this great organization. Visit the Legion’s website at www.legion.ca6 to get that information and engage your local media and officials on all the great things that happen at your branch and within your community.

~ Brad