We remember the Canadian Veterans who served in UN Peacekeeping efforts in the Balkans from 1991 to the present.


Canadians served in European Community, United Nations and North Atlantic Treaty Organization missions in Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia. These new countries arose from the ashes of the former country of Yugoslavia. As of 1991, tens of thousands of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members joined these missions in the Balkans region of southeast Europe, and worked to restore peace and security to the people there.


Canadian Veterans in the Balkans Peacekeeping Timeline


1991: Violence erupts as communist government of Yugoslavia collapses

September 1991: Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) peacekeepers join European Community Monitoring Mission in the Balkans

Early 1992: United Nations Protection Force begin operations in the Balkans

15-16 September 1993: CAF members see heavy action in the Medak Pocket of Croatia

December 1995: North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) launches its Implementation Force in Bosnia-Herzegovina

December 1996: NATO launches its Stabilization Force peace support efforts in Bosnia-Herzegovina

1999: Canadian pilots y combat missions over Kosovo. Kosovo Force begins its mission there

2004: Last large CAF contingent leaves the Balkans but Canadian peacekeepers remain

(Source: Veterans Affairs Canada)


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