Other Missions


Gulf War
In the aftermath of the Gulf War, Canadian soldiers participated in a UN peacekeeping operation along the Iraq-Kuwait border. Canadian troops monitored the demilitarized zone between the two countries, investigating cease-fire violations and clearing land mines.

Canadian soldiers were part of a large contingent of United Nations Peacekeepers who participated in peacekeeping efforts in The Congo since 1960.

Some key contributions in the early 1960s came from French-speaking Canadians, due to The Congo's background as a Belgian Colony. Canadians continued to serve in the 1990s after more violence began. In 1996, over 350 Canadians joined a short-lived multinational force to provide humanitarian aid and help refugees from Rwanda and Burundi.

More than a thousand Canadian Armed Forces members served in Cambodia to help stabilize and rebuild the country during four peace support missions between 1954 to 2000. They took part in United Nations and other international community efforts there to help the people of this war-torn land.

Ethiopia and Eritrea
Canadian Armed Forces members served in Ethiopia and Eritrea from 2000 to 2003, taking part in the United Nations (UN) peace mission there. There were times when more than 500 Canadians served in the hot, dusty, far-off region as part of the larger international effort.

In late 2000, a 450-strong Canadian Armed Forces contingent made a six-month commitment to help establish the international effort in the region. This Canadian presence included armoured reconnaissance, mechanized infantry, an engineer troop, and support elements.

(Source: Veterans Affairs Canada)


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