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Athletes, coaches and volunteers

View the criteria for athletes and coaches and find out how to volunteer.

Criteria for athletes and coaches


Athletes must achieve qualifying standards as outlined in the Legion Nationals Technical Manual. The Championships are open to both boys and girls in the following age categories:

  • U16: 15 years and under, as of December 31 in the year of the championships
  • U18: 17 years and under, as of December 31 in the year of the championships

Legion Teams - Coaches

The criteria for Legion Team Coaches are as follows:

  • Each Provincial Command can have a maximum of four coaches accompany the team.
  • Each Provincial Command must name one head coach, and that person has to be a fully certified National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) club coach. All other team coaches require NCCP club coach trained certification (there may be exceptions to this rule).
  • Each provincial athletic association is permitted to designate no more than two additional NCCP club or sport trained coaches to accompany their team for professional development purposes. Associated expenses are to be paid by the provincial athletic association or the coach.

Legion Teams - Structure

Each Provincial Command is authorized to send a team of 46 persons, as well as two extra coaches. Dominion Command pays 70% of the costs for up to 44 people; the remaining 30% is the responsibility of the Provincial Command. The cost for the two extra coaches is the responsibility of the respective Provincial Command. The approved structure is as follows:

  • A maximum team of 48 is to consist of: 40 athletes, four chaperones and four coaches
  • Provincial chaperones are to be at a ratio of one chaperone to 10 athletes, evenly distributed between the sexes
  • Commands with more than 25 athletes must send a minimum of two coaches
  • Commands with 25 athletes or less must send a minimum of one coach
  • Commands are not permitted to send persons acting in the dual role of coach and chaperone

How to volunteer

Legion Teams - Chaperones

If you like working with young people, have a recent police records check, are physically fit and can commit for the duration of the competition, the Legion is looking for you.

The criteria for Legion Team Chaperones are as follows:

  • Each Provincial Command can have a maximum of four chaperones, who should be members of the Legion
  • The number of chaperones cannot be reduced in an effort to increase the number of athletes
  • Each Command must name one head provincial chaperone
  • Chaperones must be physically fit to handle the responsibilities of their position

You can volunteer by applying through a specific Provincial Command or by applying directly to Dominion Command. To apply to Dominion Command:

Lia Taha Cheng, National Meet Coordinator
Email: ltahacheng@legion.ca


  • Your name
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Gender
  • Reason for wanting to be a Legion chaperone

References will be required. Once received, a Legion representative will contact you.

Event volunteers

Volunteers play an important role in making the championships a reality. If you are interested in volunteering, please visit: https://www.cbu.ca/legion-nationals/