Ritual and Awards

Ritual and Awards are major components in maintaining a sense of tradition in the Royal Canadian Legion.

Legion Members engaging in events sponsored by the Legion and its branches wear Legion uniforms and carry out activities of a formal nature that are defined by the Ritual, Awards and Protocol Manual.  The Manual and the Ritual and Awards Committee supports a system of Legion awards that recognize the Legion and community service provided by the members of the Legion.  All of these elements are essential in providing a positive image of the Legion to communities across Canada.


The Committee

The Ritual and Awards Committee is an appointed Dominion Standing Committee to serve all Branches and Commands, providing dedicated support in making Legion awards readily available in an effective and efficient manner, and review, process and finalize all Honours and Awards applications received from Commands in a timely, fair and unbiased manner.  The Committee is also responsible for revising, from time to time, the Legion Ritual,  Awards and Protocol Manual as well as the Chaplains Manual to conform to recommendations made by Dominion Executive Council and  resolutions approved at Dominion Conventions, and to ensure that all Legion Insignia, including banners, badges and items of Legion uniform dress, conform to official Legion standards.

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The Royal Canadian Legion has established a time-honoured system for showing appreciation to members who dedicate their time in service to the branch and for outstanding service beyond the call of duty.

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<!--:en-->Legion Certificates<!--:-->

The Legion provides Certificates to Branches and Commands for a variety of needs. A branch may honour a Legion member or community leader with a variety of certificate awards.

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<!--:en-->Legion Uniform<!--:-->

The Legion uniform plays a significant role in projecting a positive image of the Royal Canadian Legion to the public. Demonstrate your pride as a member by wearing the uniform appropriately.

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<!--:en-->Colour Party<!--:-->

Colour Parties lead Legion Parades, play a prominent role in Remembrance Ceremonies and open Legion meetings and Conventions. They command attention and remind us all of the Legion’s commitment to Canada's Veterans.

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<!--:en-->Flag Protocol<!--:-->

Legion Colours are symbols that identify the Legion's presence across the nation. They are symbols of honour and pride for all Canadians and are visual reminders of our mission.

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