How Can We Help?

Your Legion Service Officer can help

A Legion Command Service Officer provides hands-on assistance, free of charge, whether or not the Veteran is a member of the Legion.

The Royal Canadian Legion’s Service Bureau Network consists of over 1400 Branch Service Officers and 25 Command Service Officers who provide assistance and representation services at all stages of the disability claim process, free of charge, whether or not you are a Legion member.  Our representation role is mandated through legislation.

To contact us, consult our list of Command Service Officers

How we help:

Outreach to Veterans in the community:

Legion Branch Service Officers are the eyes and ears of the Service Bureau Network at the grass roots level, who often first come into contact with Veterans and their families. Their role is to act as referral agents to Command Service Officers.

Helping Veterans get the benefits they need:

Command Service Officers are located at each Provincial Command and at Dominion Command, and provide direct assistance to Veterans and their families. As a Dominion Command Service Officer in Ottawa, Carolyn Gasser states: “We can be a gateway to VAC programs, allowing Veterans to deal with one person for a variety of services. This is important for Veterans with complex disabilities or for those looking for direction and information on a sometimes complicated process.” Command Service Officers also can refer their clients to other programs, services and supports available to Veterans and their families.

Legion Command Service Officers are uniquely trained to help:

All Command Service Officers complete an enhanced security check, and are regularly trained and updated on new policies, programs and services available to assist Veterans. They are deemed eligible to access very sensitive information and have access to VAC’s Client Service Delivery Network technology, VAC’s files, and service health records for those who have or are still serving in the Canadian Armed Forces to provide comprehensive yet independent representation.

Do you need help?

Not sure where to start? Whether you’re a retired Veteran, serving military or RCMP member, or a family member seeking help, contact a Command Service Officer in your Province or at Dominion Command. We’re here to help you.