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With regular training, an enhanced security check, and updates on regulations, policies and business practices, our Command Service Officers are more than capable of helping you to get the services you deserve.

For more information on Royal Canadian Legion services including representation and advocacy services, and benevolent assistance, the Poppy Fund, Legion Housing, and assisting homeless and at-risk Veterans please call the Dominion Command Service Bureau 1-877-534-4666 (1-877-Legion6) or email us your question. You can also contact the Command Service Officer in your province.

Command Service Officers

British Columbia/Yukon Command

Clifford Rose
Phone: 250-381-3992
Fax: 250-381-3943
Toll-Free (BC only): 1-866-381-3992


Joseph Waugh
Phone: 604-575-8840
Toll-Free (BC only): 1-888-261-2211

Alberta/Northwest Territories Command

Gerry Finlay
Phone: 780-448-4982
Fax: 780-448-4993


Mike Burgess
Phone: 403-284-1161
Fax: 403-284-9899

Saskatchewan Command

Cherilyn Cooke
Phone: 306-525-8739
Fax: 306-525-5023

Manitoba/Northwest Ontario Command

Dawn Golding
Phone: 204-233-3405
Fax: 204-237-1775

Ontario Command

Scott Young
Toll-Free: 888-207-0939
Fax: 905-841-9992


Patricia Royle
Toll-Free: 888-207-3703
Fax: 613-591-0148

Sherry Culling
Toll-Free: 888-207-2206
Fax: 705-472-1969

Randy C. Groundwater
Toll-Free: 888-207-2021
Fax: 519-253-0922

Quebec Command

Debra Viskelis
Phone: 514-866-7491
Fax: 514-866-6303
Toll Free: 1-877-401-7111


Jimmy Labrie
Phone: 418-844-4444
Fax: 418-844-4446

New Brunswick Command

Lisa Sullivan
Phone: 506-634-8850
Fax: 506-633-4836
Toll-Free: 1-866-320-8387 (VETS)

Nova Scotia/Nunavut Command

Byron Mullett
Phone: 902-429-4090 Ext. 3
Fax: 902-429-7481
Toll-Free: 1-877-809-1145

Prince Edward Island Command

Wayne Pike
Phone: 902-892-2161
Fax: 902-368-8853

Newfoundland and Labrador Command

Boyd Carter
Phone: 709-753-6666
Fax: 709-753-5514