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Federal Budget 2017 – 'Promises, promises' says The Royal Canadian Legion

Canada’s ill and injured Veterans need and deserve financial security, critical supports and benefits.

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Modern Day Veteran Helping to Change the Legion for the Better Advocating for Life-long Financial Security for Canada’s Ill and Injured Veterans

While the Legion supports the concept of the New Veterans Charter, we continue to advocate for a full review of the Charter and press the government for changes.

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<!--:en-->One-By-One Membership Campaign <!--:--><!--:fr-->Campagne de recrutement « Un à un »  <!--:--> 2015 One By One Membership Campaign

The Legion is a strong organization and membership is the foundation for everything we do.

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One By One Campaign 2014 One-By-One Membership Campaign Wrap Up

A big THANK YOU to the Legion branches that participated in this year’s One By One member recruitment campaign, and to all Legion Members who recruited a new member through the One-By-One Campaign!

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