Canada's Youth Remember

Marking of Graves

To engage youth in the Bells of Peace initiative, Canadian school-aged children, with assistance from schools and youth organizations such as Cadets, Scouts and Guides, are encouraged to promote Remembrance by researching and marking the graves of Canada's First World War Veterans with a Canadian flag. 

How to get involved

    We encourage school-aged children to contact their local school, youth organization or local Legion Branch to participate. Schools and youth organizations wishing to get involved can find more details in our Bells of Peace Guide for Youth Engagement, or by contacting their local Legion Branch. 

  • Youth, or children with assistance from their school or parent, will use the Library and Archives Canada database to research First World War Veterans and graves in their community. They will then locate the grave and place a Canadian Flag at the grave marker (flags can be obtained through the local Legion Branch or by contacting
  • Youth are encouraged to share photos and videos of themselves placing a flag on the grave by posting on the Legion's Woobox campaign, or by posting to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, using the hashtag #100bells. Read more about sharing photos for a chance to win.
  • Participating schools and youth organizations may organize group research projects, submitting multiple entries to receive Legion pins and recognition plaques. See our Bells of Peace Guide for Youth Engagement for details.
  • Print ads are available to promote the activity.

For questions about the Bells of Peace initiative in your community, please contact your local Legion Branch. For other information, contact

Canada's Youth play a crucial role in promoting and continuing the tradition of Remembrance. Thank you to everyone involved in this important initiative.