Bring Bells of Peace to Your Community

The Royal Canadian Legion, in partnership with the Government of Canada, encourage all communities to participate in Bells of Peace, a commemorative initiative marking the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War through a soundwave of bells as they toll 100 times from coast to coast to coast at the setting of the sun.

The Legion and the Government of Canada have forwarded information packages to Legion Branches, provincial and regional government departments, cities, towns and communities, the Canadian Armed Forces, school boards, Cadet organizations, church organizations and national carillonneurs with information on coordinating Bells of Peace in their communities.

Reach out to your local Legion Branch to ask of plans for a Bells of Peace ceremony in your area. If you wish to coordinate this initiative, below are details to help you bring Bells of Peace to your community.

Coordinate a Bells of Peace Ceremony in your Community

  • Legion Branches, or community organizers, will arrange for a community bell or carillon to toll on the evening of November 11, 2018. Where a community bell or carillon is not available, individuals can toll a hand bell.
  • Where available, ask a descendant of a First World War Veteran, or someone who has a direct connection to the First World War, to ring the bells at the ceremony.
  • Organizers are encouraged to coordinate a commemorative ceremony, where Canadians can pay their respects. A commemorative speech is available for download to support the event. Download speech
  • Organizers may include an activity that reflects remembrance of the First World War that would be specific to your community (for example, telling a story of a local Veteran, lighting candles for local Veterans, or highlighting a significant location in your community involved in the war efforts). Encourage descendants of Veterans of the First World War from your community to attend the ceremony.
  • At the official time of the setting of the sun  on November 11, 2018, bells will toll 100 times, with 5 seconds between each toll.
  • Where available, a Piper or other musician may play Amazing Grace at the cessation of the bells.

Youth Engagement

  • Schools and youth organizations are encouraged to engage school-aged children in the significance of this remembrance activity by asking them to research and locate the graves of Veterans of the First World War and place a Canadian flag at their gravesite. 
  • Information on organizing youth activities can be found in the Bells of Peace Guide for Youth Engagement. Learn more...

Event Promotion

Organizers will promote the event to the public, encouraging everyone to attend and participate in this solemn event.

Promote the event in your community through your local newspapers, online advertising, posters or information pamphlets in local stores and businesses, local television and radio media, community groups, social media and word of mouth. Templates are available below and can be modified for your event.

Bells of Peace Advertisements

Youth Engagement Advertisements

Media Promotion


The Bells of Peace branded logo and images are available for download to further promote the event or develop associated local resources.

Social Media Campaign

The Royal Canadian Legion, and the Government of Canada will promote Bells of Peace through social media. Follow and share the posts on your community channels.

Royal Canadian Legion

Government of Canada

Social Engagement

The Bells Of Peace hashtags are #100Bells and #100Cloches. Canadians are encouraged to share their photos and videos using the hashtags, for a chance to win prizes. Learn more…

Official Launch

The Bells of Peace initiative will officially launch on October 24, 2018.

For more information, please contact your local Legion Branch, or email

Additional information for Legion Branches

Legion Branches can find more information and instructions by logging in to the Legion Member Services Website.