Member Sports

For decades now, our Member Sports Programs have thrived with events happening on all levels from branches up to the Dominion Championships including Curling, Darts, Eight-Ball and Cribbage.

For our members, the Dominion Command Sports Committee offers four different member sports (Curling, Darts, EightBall and Cribbage), and investigates the option of including more on an ongoing basis. Through involvement on the local level, members are able to compete either as singles, doubles or teams, depending on the sport. Depending on their success, they may go on to compete at the national level, and, in some cases, they continue their involvement in the sport to even more success.

Member Sports promotes Legion comradeship and sportsmanship by bringing together members from every branch of the Legion. The sporting events help keep members active physically, involves many members in organizing and administering the events, and in many instances, directly involves the community at large.

Dominion Darts

<!--:en-->Dominion Darts<!--:--><!--:fr-->Flechettes nationales<!--:-->

5 – 8 May 2017
Host: Branch #63

PO Box 967 Stn Main
Brooks, AB, T1R 1B8

It is thought the game of darts began as a contest between soldiers who, during breaks in battle, would throw spears at slices of tree trunks. Darts was later widely enjoyed by the military during the ‘British Empire’. It has since grown to become a popular pastime in countries around the world.The Dominion Darts Championships were introduced at the Legion in 1975. Today, the national games are a highly competitive event.


Dominion Cribbage

<!--:en-->Dominion Cribbage<!--:--><!--:fr-->Cribbage national<!--:-->

28 April – 1 May 2017
Host: Branch #043

134 Marion St
Winnipeg, MB R2H 0T4

Cribbage was invented in the early 17th century, and was a popular pastime in the military. Cribbage has long been a favourite game among members in Legions across Canada, and has become quite competitive. The annual Dominion Cribbage Championships were introduced in 1989 and brings together players from across the country. There are three competition categories: singles, doubles and team.

Dominion 8-Ball

<!--:en-->Dominion 8-Ball<!--:--><!--:fr-->8-Ball national<!--:-->26 – 29 May 2017

Hosted by: Branch #225

201 River St
Sturgeon Falls, ON P2B 1T4




<!--:en-->Eligibility Criteria<!--:--><!--:fr--> Critères d'éligibilité<!--:-->

To be eligible, members must be in good standing and should have their membership card for the year in which the championship is being held in their possession at the site of the championship.

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<!--:en-->Member Sports Results<!--:--><!--:fr-->RÉSULTATS—SPORTS POUR MEMBRES<!--:-->

The participants of the National Member Sports Championships proudly return to their home branches, sometimes with the first place trophy, but always with new and rekindled friendships.

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