Legion Sports

More than just a game

To encourage comradeship, sportsmanship, physical fitness, and more, we have developed a number of programs aimed towards our members and youth across Canada.

Something for Everyone

As part of our efforts to improve our membership, both in terms of the lives of current members and in increasing our numbers, as well as to support our local communities, sporting programs and events are held across Canada. Both our member and youth programs have been overseen by the Dominion Command Sports Committee with events happening on all levels from branches up to the Dominion Championships. In all cases, each sport has a national level championship, which is hosted by a chosen branch every year.

These events encourage the participation of a broad range of people within the community, most important of which would be our members and local youth.

Building Community

The achievements of past and current members within our sports programs has bought The Legion both national and international attention in many positive ways. Of course, the success of these programs is measured by us in more than medals and winning games. We consider these programs to be successful based on the involvement of our members, the volunteers, and the local communities.

Show your commitment to fitness and health for Canada’s youth by sponsoring any number of events throughout the championship with themes focusing on:

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For decades now, our Member Sports Programs have thrived with events happening on all levels from branches up to the Dominion Championships including Curling, Darts, Eight-Ball and Cribbage.

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Youth Athletics

Legion National Youth Track and Field Championships 2014

15 - 17 August 2014  
McLeod Athletic Park, Langley, BC

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