The Poppy Campaign

Every year, the Legion conducts the Poppy Campaign to honour those who serve, and to raise funds in support of Veterans and their families. From the last Friday in October to Remembrance Day, all Canadians can be a part of the campaign. Wear a poppy, attend a ceremony, and show your recognition for those who gave their lives for our freedom.


Canadians are fiercely proud of our Veterans… and during the period leading up to Remembrance Day, millions of Canadians wear a Poppy as a symbol of national pride and respect, a visual pledge to never forget.

During the Poppy Campaign, thousands of Legion members from coast to coast to coast volunteer their time to distribute poppies and raise millions that will support Veterans and their families in need. While Poppies are distributed freely, the Legion truly appreciates the generous donations to the Poppy Fund in support of serving and retired Veterans and their families.

Thank you for wearing a Poppy and supporting Canada’s Veterans.

To further support our Veterans – past and present – anyone can become a member of the Royal Canadian Legion. You can also show your pride and appreciation by purchasing Poppy and commemorative items from the Poppy Store. All proceeds support Legion programs.

Wear the Legion’s Poppy online as a visual pledge to never forget our Canadian Veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. 

The Poppy Importance

For over 90 years, the Poppy has been a symbol of honour and ultimate sacrifice, inspired by Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae’s poem In Flanders Fields, written in May 1915.

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Your contributions directly support Canada’s Veterans and their families, while ensuring Canada never forgets.

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