Donate to the Poppy Fund

Thank you for your donations to the Poppy Fund. Through your generosity, the Legion helps all of Canada’s Veterans.

All donations to the Poppy Fund are placed in trust to be used for the care and benevolent support of Veterans and their dependants. We regret online donations are not currently available. The Legion cannot issue receipts for Revenue Canada due to our non-for-profit status.

There are a few ways you can donate to support Canada’s Veterans:

1) Donate during the Poppy Campaign: During the Poppy Campaign leading up to Remembrance Day, the Legion gratefully accepts donations at Legion tables and Poppy boxes across Canada. From national retail outlets and banks, to restaurants, grocery stores, convenience and gas stores, to the flower shop around the corner, businesses and organizations help the Legion distribute Poppies at their locations.

2) Donate at your local Legion Branch: We encourage Canadians to donate locally to support Veterans  and Remembrance in your community. Visit your nearest Legion Branch to donate to the local Poppy Fund. You can find your local branch on our website.

3) Donate to National Poppy Trust Fund: The Royal Canadian Legion Dominion Command accepts donations (cash, money order or cheque payable to the Dominion Command Poppy Trust Fund). Any donation will be acknowledged by official correspondence and will be gratefully received to assist the Veteran community across Canada.

Donations can be sent to:
The Royal Canadian Legion
Dominion Command
86 Aird Place
Ottawa ON, K2L 0A1

Support Veterans Year-round!

Did you know you can support Veterans year-round by becoming a member of the Legion? Anyone over the age of 18 can become a member, and you don’t have to be a Veteran to join.

When you join the Legion, you support the many services we offer to Veterans, serving military, RCMP Members, and their families. Your membership helps provide essential services within your community, including seniors support services, housing and care for the elderly, drop-in centres, Cadets, youth and sport programs, and much more. There are many ways the Legion gives, and by joining you give too.

Join today!

We thank you for supporting Canada’s Veterans.


Use of Poppy Funds

Donations to the Legion Poppy Fund are placed in trust to be used for the care and benevolent support of Veterans and their dependants. Learn more…